Water Coolers & Coffee Machines

Hot & Cold Coolers


WPS supplies quality Hot & Cold Coolers for job sites and office complexes, allowing our customers to offer their employees the option of hot or cold beverages. Cup dispensers which mount on the side of all coolers are also available, along with a selection of paper and Styrofoam cups.

Image of bottled water for office water cooler service.
Image of office water coolers for office water cooler service.

Coffee Machines


WPS carries heavy-duty industrial bottle-top coffee brewers designed specifically for the 18.9L bottles. For the smaller office setting or personal preference, we also offer Keurig Single Cup Brewers.

Image of Keurig commercial coffee machines.
Image of commercial coffee machines and office water cooler service.



An alternative to Bottle-Top Coolers and Coffee Machines is the FloJet Pump System. This automatic pump system uses an electric pump to dispense drinking water from an 18.9 L bottle to your desired source of drinking water which could be a water cooler, coffee brewer or any beverage server.

When one type of beverage is not enough, we suggest the Hot Beverage Servers which come in several models, accommodating up to six different hot beverages.

Image of commercial coffee machines.

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