Water & Ice

Image of bottled water and office water delivery service.

WPS  takes pride in providing premium purified water achieved through our Reverse Osmosis (RO) process, which is regulated by Alberta Health.  Our bottles are hand inspected, machine washed and sanitized, then filled with premium purified RO water at our bottling table and sealed with spill-free caps which are Health Canada compliant.  Since these bottle caps do not need to be removed for use with any of our equipment, these caps are our guarantee that the bottles have not been contaminated and ensure our product integrity.


18.9 L Bottles – compatible with all of our water coolers and bottle top coffee machines.  We also supply bottle buddies, bottle stackers and racks to help manage work space with a more convenient method for storage of bottles.


Bagged Ice – we supply 2.27 kg (5 lb.) bags of ice in partial or complete pallets as required by our customer.  We also supply commercial size freezers.


500 ml Bottles – we carry cases of 500 ml bottles by the pallet for those sites where individual size is more convenient.


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