Image of portable water coolers and jobsite water delivery services.

WPS was the first company to initiate the use of Igloos as a portable source of drinking water on job sites with hazardous zones, wide-spread work areas, or sites with limited or no access to electricity. WPS Igloos hold 5 gallons of ice-water in a sealed, transportable container, making them convenient, accessible and versatile for any job situation.

WPS igloos are cleaned manually, inspected and then filled with premium purified water and ice. Clean lids are put on and sealed around the lid and across the spout with WPS tamper-proof tape to prevent contamination. They are then date stamped with proof of freshness and delivered first thing in the morning to the job sites on a schedule designed to meet customer needs. This prompt and reliable solution to field requirements has made WPS the “go to” guys in the construction industry.

Image of portable water coolers for jobsite and industrial water delivery services.

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