Where do you deliver to – what is your delivery radius?

We currently deliver all over central Alberta – in about a 375 km radius from our location in Sherwood Park. However, we are very happy to consider locations outside that radius- please call 780-467-8300 or email Inquiries@wpsab.ca for more information.

What exactly is “premium purified” water?

WPS water is processed through our six step reverse osmosis (RO) process in which 99.3% of all water contaminants are removed and then bottled in sanitized containers to ensure the product we provide is “Premium Purified Bottled Water”.

How will I know when my next delivery is?

WPS delivers on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule – the delivery is the same day of the week in intervals designed to meet the needs of our customers.

What if I run out before my next scheduled drinking water delivery?

No problem – We accommodate all emergency situations as soon as possible.

Do you have WCB?

Yes, we are covered by WCB.

What if our job site requires orientation before allowing vendors on site?

WPS is more than happy to send our drivers for orientation in order to meet job site requirements.

What is your Billing procedure? Invoicing Address?

The original invoice is completed by our driver and signed off by a customer representative – one copy stays on site and the other is returned to the office (unless other arrangements have been made). The information is posted into our system. We then email computer generated copies as requested. Statements are sent out at month end. Invoicing questions or concerns can be emailed to ar@wpsab.ca or phoned in to 780-467-8300. We accept payment by cheque, EFT, MasterCard or Visa.
Our Mailing address is:
WPS Sherwood Park Ltd.
#113, 131 Portage Close
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2R5

Why are we being charged a bottle deposit?

The Bottle Deposit is charged on the initial purchase and refunded for every returned, reusable bottle. This ensures our inventory of useable bottles and allows us to maintain a well-stocked warehouse that is ready to supply any and all deliveries.

For more information call 780-467-8300 or send a message: